There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want
Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes

It has been two years since I wrote last.

Many things have happened.

The mystery of time, how two years can sound so long and go so fast.

I've had the flash of an urge to write on the blog, but that's all it has been over these past many months. I've just recovered from a bad cold and my energy is back up and I'm feeling good. It makes me grateful to be alive and moving.

The sun is shinning out side my store window and the cool crisp scent of fall is in the air, with winter just around the Corner. Customers preparing for the coming snows are in buying books so they can do nothing in comfort. (Some people think reading is doing nothing, some of us think it is much more than that)

This time of year often makes me want to curl up with my computer and write, and do nothing else for a while. Gather my thoughts, spin story wool, and make gold of it... if I can. I have so many stops and starts, I wonder if transformation will ever happen, and a satisfying ending find me. (A novel) No matter the outcome, I still have the impulse to write.

This weekend I'm going to cloister myself and attempt to restart.

At least I'm back on the blog doing nothing.