Trillium Trilogy

Well, after years of saying I'm a writer, I've finally finished a book and have published it at Smashwords and Kindle through Sage Wind Publishing.

I'm very excited.  I am only two or three chapters away from finishing the second book in the Trillium Trilogy.   Telling Tree, the first.  Once on a Blue Moon, the second.  Under the Trillium Sea, is the third.

It only took working less days to be able to get things moving along.  Editing takes time, but it is exciting to see things actually reach where the baby can move out into the world and leave home and live as a separate entity from now on.

Hope you are all doing well, and have a wonderful new year.

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  1. You know, Linda, dueling bookstore owners /sounds/ like a novel in and of itself, don'cha think?

    A little Inkheart, a little Librarian, A drop of Iron Druid, and there you have Linda and Duncan flourishing phrases from books at will - tossing them into the fray to fall flat or flail their flagrant fanatics.