This is what half of 340 books looks like. They all came in today.

How fast the time goes. I had to run a few errands after work and fill the gas tank and by the time I got home it was eight o'clock.

Kent, the man who works for me at the Bookmark is down in Ashland with his daughter, who has cancer. He will be there for a week or two. I know what that worry is like as Duncan's sister also has cancer, they are both doing the treatments.

Because Kent is out of town, I'm working on his Mondays and Tuesdays for a couple of weeks. I used to do this all the time. The six days a week thing, but I can tell you, having three days off in a row has spoiled me. Duncan has been working seven days a week since January and I work for him at his store once in a while, but I know I just couldn't do what he's doing for such a long time.

I need my crash days.

We had a spectacular lightening show here last night, along with a beautiful sun set. These are some of the pictures from my new camera from our back deck. I'm still learning how to do the focusing and figuring out what settings to use. I thought the colors in this one were really pretty.


  1. I love your writing...maybe someday I'll make it to OR to visit your store. Maybe you could self-publish your own book and put it in your store? Although, you write so well that I can't imagine a publisher not picking up your writing!

  2. ...all those books......looks like my office sometimes! Beautiful cloud photos.