I am writing again. For the past couple of months. So many times I've started a novel and life interrupts. I would just get into the middle of it and going good and something happens that knocks me off track. In the last few years, I am working fewer days a week, which allows me more time to actually spend a good amount of time writing. I picked up a book I had started about 12 years ago, and thought I'd just read through what was there and see where that took me. I had stopped at chapter 19, but could remember the over all ideas and jumped right back into it. The rest of the first draft is done TELLING TREEand I am starting on the sequel ONCE ON A BLUE MOON Some very good friends, and my kids, are reading the first draft so when I get those back, I'll go through it one more time, then put it on my Web Site. WWW.lindamcgeary.com

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  1. I must have forgotten everything I learned the first time working with this blog, as that is not the way I meant it to look. Augh.