"People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."
Joseph Fort Newton

We are born to communicate. It's in our nature, the desire to share experiences, insights, hardships and good times.

Even the most introverted person needs to have some contact outside of themselves.

I'm a quiet extrovert.

I love the interaction between people. Face to face. On line. In my store. I love the deep conversations, or the casual, or even the surface chit-chat which can deliver some interesting view of life.

I like people!

Even the difficult ones. Not because they're difficult, but sometimes I see something there worth the time invested, from both sides.

There are many times in a week when I think of friends or family, some fleeting thought that reminds me of them and the times we've shared, and a pang of longing strikes.

I miss them in that moment, and send a blessing thought their way.

Even though this is so, I am very seldom lonely.

My soul is a city without walls, populated with many loved ones. There is a bridge to each one.

Sometimes a bridge will suffer neglect, disrepair, disuse, from one side or the other, or both, and can fall into the river of life and be swept away.

That is always the chance one takes when building bridges.

Being an open wall-less person doesn't mean you don't have boundaries and understand them with others.

What it means, is that your life is open... To the joys and the sorrows, the good and the bad.

Taking to heart this kaleidoscope we call life, with all its jagged colors and bright edges, willing to see the beautiful patterns which can be made from the jumble, if we only open our eyes and look.

So Recycle!

Build bridges out of old walls.


  1. This is such a beautiful piece. When I've made a mess of it in my life, coming here is like a soothing balm. Like cool water.

  2. I had a dream once, where I was a well in a desert. I could look down myself and see where some stones had worked loose, I had dry dusty walls. But I could see a glint of water at the bottom. I felt the words, "Repair yourself", and I, the Aquifer of Love will fill you up.
    You are a well in the desert too, connected to the same Aquifer. A spring to green your inner living spaces.
    I'm glad you find this a cool spot to soothing tired feet.

  3. I quite liked this post.

    Glad you found my blog, and happy to meet another Central Oregon blogger. I see Jo (Good Dirt, Grizzly Mt.) has found you, too.

    Is The Bookmark on Franklin? Trying to place it....

  4. No, it's 3d. and Greenwood. Right next to Mini Pet Mart and Colima Market. The Mexican food products store.
    It is the N.W. corner.
    Come on in, I'd love to meet a sister blogger, and hear how you started blogging, for how long and all that.
    I just started the 31st. of Dec. 07