"And love can come to everyone, The best things in life are free."
Buddy De Sylva, 1927 song, "Good News"

Friday the 13Th is suppose to be an unlucky day as the superstitions go.

But not for the Irish! I've heard it is the reverse.

Luck is theirs on that day, what ever month of the year. I kind of like that because the 'love of my life' is Irish/Scottish. And so were my great, triple greats, along with some English tossed in on the side.

In my first marriage, my former husband announced he wanted a divorce, he was in love with my best friend. That was our 13Th anniversary.

Three years later I met Duncan at a writers group, our first date was a Friday the 13Th. We've been together 25 years.

So, for us, it's like magic.

Love can come to everyone. The best things in life are free!


  1. Seems the number 13 is a double edged sword for you. But then maybe not. Had number one not beat feet on that 13th anniversary, then number two might never have come into your life. Hmm. The number means nothing to me. Seems the number I get nervous over is three. Trouble always seems to come in three's for me. Especially flat tires on my bike.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am guessing our connection is that woman out in Utah. She is a pistol. Her writing penetrates me like a knife.

  2. For a Chinese, 13 is a number of fortune and LIFE.

    i'm coming for you with a hug and smooches too- for being so thoughtful.. and - after reading that you both own a BOOK STORE (!) and you get to take Panga to work with you!

    I am just so jealous!!!!!!!Have a wonderful day.

  3. My Grandpa "Red", who looking at him you would have sworn he was a leprechaun, was born on Friday January 13, 1921. He died on Thursday July 12, 2007.

    Definitly lucky fior the Irish!