Deep peace of the
running wave to you.

Deep peace of the
flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the
gentle night to you.

Moon and stars pour
their healing light on you.

Deep peace of the
Light of the World to you.

-A Gaelic Blessing-

Last night I heard of the death of a friend of mine. He and his wife attend the same faith community as me. About eight months ago they learned he had cancer.

It has been a long eight months. And not long enough.

There are no words to express my feelings right now. The loss of his presence, for his wife, their children, and grandchildren, and our group, is simply to sharp to form words on that edge.

You always wonder, how will the family adjust. I don't doubt they will though. The love that is in the universe will support them. And so will we.

My sister in law, is in the hospital today, with problems due to cancer. We are waiting for the results of some tests and the sibs are all flying in, the oldest brother, and two younger sisters. Duncan and I went to meet with her two best friends at the hospital last night. We all talked about what we can do.

The Dr. said he couldn't say how long. It could be soon, or it could be two years.

My prayer for us all right now is Deep Peace, that peace that knows and swallows up sorrow and loss, and fear of loss.


  1. That is a beautiful blessing and I am so sorry about your friend. I've been to several close family funerals in the last wee while and I know how hard it is. All we can do is make the most of the time we do have with our sick friends and family. Prayers to you all.

  2. P.S. I'm returning to work at school as the Office Manager there. My study days are long over. I'm lucky enough to get all the Term break holidays off and have just reached the end of one set. Take care.