The shortest way to Good Health is the Natural Route.
By Dr. R. A. Riggs

I found this quoit in a small blue book, publication date 1940. "Gold Nuggets of Health" abundant health, natures gift.

Thinking a lot about this sort of thing right now as yesterday was my first day back to work after four day at home. The first two I slept most of the time, the third day I had to drop my store rent off. And the fourth I actually had to do some errands. By the time I got home I was ready for my comfies, but then I remembered the Readers Group that meets at the store the first Tuesday of the the month and knew I'd have to go open up for them, but I just gave them the key to lock up and came home.

Looking at this little blue book, thinking about all the advances in medicine and health since 1940, 68 years ago.

Right now, when you tell someone you've been sick, it's, "Oh, Yeah, I had that...." "Just got over it..." "Yeah, a whole bunch of people at school are out with it..."

You get the picture. It sounds like everyone in town has been touched by it. If not them, in their home with the children.

We sure don't like to get the flu these days anymore than any other age in time, but for the most part it is not killing us off by the thousands like it used to do.

We can all be thankful for that.

I know the medications may help us recover more quickly, but I've got to say, some of the side effects of the over the counter medicines are about as bad as the flu. I debate with myself every time I take them, "do I really want to take this stuff?"

We just had our spring break a couple of weeks ago and we figured, that this could have been an out of town bug.

Nothing like a little dose of illness to humble you and remind you we all come from the same weak flesh.

That no one is above the forces of nature we are all a part of.

That life is precious.

And good health is not to be taken for granted but lived with thankfulness.

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