"Look not for the donkey you are sitting on."
Chinese Proverb

A taste for simple things.

Simple pleasures, like the company of someone you love and enjoy while tramping through the Eastern Oregon desert.

We decided to leave Sunday night when Duncan got home and packed up for an over nighter and headed out. We took a lot of pictures all the way to Burns, found a motel, and camped out. We love doing this kind of thing, a loose destination in mind, and the freedom to go off course if we are so lead.

One of the amazing things about the high desert this time of year, is how green it is. And red, and white too. The darker stones mixed with red volcano rock. There is a wide open beauty to it that is appealing and repelling at the same time. You want to be with the land, but there is such an exposure to the elements. There is a soulfulness to the desert.

I had never been past Burns before, so we went on to Vale and then Ontario. We even went into Idaho. Payette and Fruitland.

Does an hour stay in Idaho count as being to idaho?

Ontario was much bigger and more active than we thought... going on what Duncan remembered of it from forty years ago. If the old downtown isn't the main street going through town, like most small town are, we hunt it out. Used book stores are often in the old downtown areas.

What we found was a closed up downtown though, as there was some big swap meet, Harely rally, or something, that we didn't know about going on at Sumpner. So, even the stores which are usually open on Mondays were closed.

Oh, well. The traffic was light. It was free sailing most of the way home and we turned into our driveway by 7:00 Monday night.

Duncan, took many pictures too,
he was looking for fences.
I like small roads and paths.


  1. Hi Linda. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    So what book are you reading now?

  2. Thank you. It was fun. We wish we could do it more often, but we'll take what we can get, and enjoy the time we have.
    Some of the pictures I took didn't show up on the list of pictures, I don't understand why they show up on my picture file, but not all of them show up when I want to choose a picture for the blog. I have some that are better pictures, but I couldn't pull up all of them to choose from.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yes. IT counts as being to Idaho!

  4. Nice blog and nice photos! I thought I'd visit your blog too, since you took the time to check out mine. Thank you for visiting, and do stop by again.