bumper sticker

Finally, Duncan and I are having a day off together.

New Years day was our last one off at the same time.

We will put up "GONE FISHING" signs and will high tailed it out of town for the day.

Just packing up a lunch and moving down the road.

Out to the desert. Under a tree, that's where we'll be. Maybe we'll check out the Petrified Forest. Or the Painted Desert again. Or the Steins or French Glenn and the Bird Refuge.

We're just going to point the horses under the hood and let then follow their noses.

When one day seems like a vacation, Wow, we've been working to much.

I did get to go the Portland and see our kids last weekend, so I'm not as deprived as Duncan has been. But it is always so much fun to travel down the road with him.

We always have the best time just driving and talking and stopping to check things out, or following some side road we've never been on before.

Just getting to spend the whole day together out of town is exciting.


  1. How lovely to feel that way about the person you live with. It's a long past memory for me.

  2. Hi Utah,
    Yeah, we are best friends, still, after 25 years. It is nice to like the person your with, as well as love them.
    If only we could get more love into the world, wouldn't it be a great place to live.