"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
Anais Nin

Friendships. (Listen to Guy Clark's Old Friends)

A true deep friendship is a rare thing.

A moment of meeting, a first conversation, and it seems like you've known them forever. Some mutual response that each recognize.

Over the years of my life I've only had a few of this type of friend. I think there could have been more, but life circumstance and distance prevented it.

Not only is there a mutual recognition, but there is a mutual admiration. Not perfect...but perfect, even in that lack of perfection. Understanding where a friend is coming from and the direction their going in. Not even disagreeing breaks that bond.

In this kind of relationship you both act as a mirror to each other. Somehow true friendship helps you see yourself more clearly. When a friend like this moves away, or dies, there is a gap in the fabric of your life. These are not people you can replace.

There may be a new friend just around the corner, but it will be a different world. A different experience.

Not better or worse, just different.

Looking back over my life, from child, teen, young married to the present. I can count on one hand that kind of deepest friendship.

There are many, many other friends who fill my life with love, joy, and fun, but that bounded, heart to heart, like twins somehow, that is not common.

If you have a friend like that, tell them how much they mean to you, before you can't.


  1. A good post, I especially endorse the last point. We all know we should, yet often do not. Well said.
    Thanks for your comment on mine. I couldn't find an email address for you, so here goes: you can add pictures to your posts whilst on Blogger's new post page. Just click on the picture icon in the bar immediately above the text box. Use the dialogue box to browse for the image on your computer, then click on it. Choose the size you want and where you want it placed (left, right or central) click on Upload and then on Finish. The HTML code will appear above your text, in the tex box. You can cut and paste it to wherever it goes on your post.

  2. Linda- that's very good advice.

    since i'll be away for a while, think i should have some free time in between to draw up a list of people who have been a friend..and to let em know how much they are are appreciated.

    You have a blessed day, my dear.

  3. Hi Linda - a fine essay about friendship indeed.
    David King basically answered your question about images in posts.
    It is also handy to use the "preview" button before you actually post...
    Music is a different story. You need to open an account with an external mp3 player, like ODEO, gCast or others and upload your song to them. Thereafter you can cut and paste the html link of your music into a post