"There was a young lady named Bright,
whose speed was far faster than light;

She set out one day in a relative way,
and returned home the previous night."

Arthur Henry Reginald Buller

When I visit my kids and their dogs and cats, it is always over to quick.

I'm fortunate that both sons and families live five minutes apart. We've watched movies, eaten good dinners, visited, more movies, pop-corn... You get the picture.

Today is Monday and everyone has to do some work. So I'm on my own for a few hours. We'll all get together again this evening for dinner.

Yesterday while they were all busy with some different things that had to be done before going back to work, I took off and drove around Forest Park.

For those of you who have never been to Portland Oregon, it is famous for its parks. Forest Park is the largest urban forested park in the United States. 5,400 acres. More than 70 miles of trails through out.

There are over 112 species of birds and 62 species of mammals in residence in Forest Park.

I did a perimeter run of the Park because I have part of a story I'm working on, set there. I wanted to get the feel of how big, how it connects up to the city and just to feast my eyes on the greens, of moss, fern, and the blue of sky and creek.

My oldest son lives next door to a large forested park in the St. John area. I can't remember it's name, but we take the dogs walking there. It's around 80 acres, I think. I know to get that beautiful green you have to put up with a lot of rain, fog and overcast... but it is magnificent.

I love running around on my own too, while the family is busy, because I love to see the places they see everyday. I love knowing where they are in a physical sense, as well as how their doing emotionally.

Later this afternoon we are going to Powell's Books, it's a tradition. I have to buy a blank book while I'm here.

Maybe two.

And check to see if there are any of my husbands books in stock. Star Axe. Snow Castles and Ice Towers. I always check.

I always get turned around at least once per trip, and have I frustrating time getting back to where I want to go, as there are a lot of no left turns around here. I had to buy a new map as I had forgotten mine. And a map set of Forest Park.

It has been windy, rainy and a little sunny, yesterday while in Forest Park it was a beautiful sunny patch. I took many pictures. I tried to post up a picture, my lap top is different from my home computer and couldn't get it done. When I get home I'll try from there.

Our last evening tonight. Tomorrow, no matter the weather, I'm on the road for home and hubby.

The time here always seems to be over before it begins.

But I love every minute of it.

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