"Out of the heart the song rises. The mind searching for notes to capture it's flight."
Murray Bodo

Tuesday night we invited friends over for pizza who haven't visited in a couple of years.

They were busy raising up two beautiful little girls. (6 and 3).

What little charmers. Adorable. Well mannered and polite, too.

The girls watched a movie for a bit while us grown ups played a game. The settlers of Catan. It's been a long time since Duncan and I played a board game and we had great fun.

Neither one of us won, but hey, it was our first time with this game.

Besides, winning isn't the point. It's friendships. Laughter. And a good time spent together. (But we did issued a playback challenge.) We're up for some more fun!

Somewhere in the middle of the game the girls having lost interest in the movie, came up from down stairs, (playing in a special place under the stairs), a perfect place for little people, and presented us with a play. One was a fairy princess and the other one was a dragon.


Then the proper thespian bow, and off they went to their imaginary friends.

I remember the years growing up, spending time with family and monopoly, and card games, puzzles and the kind of play our little friends shared with us.

Those were very good times.

Our sons, now in the last half of the 30's, when they were still living at home, we used to play Pit, Kings Men, Chess, Civilization, card games, and any number of others which I can't remember the names of. They were also full of imagination, too.

I remember those times with warmth and fondness. Yes, good times.

It makes me smile just thinking about them.

In these days of shorter cash flow, where the money doesn't always meet the end of the month. The games we play could help keep us all a little more sane and a lot more happy.


  1. Wow, I can't remember the last time I played a board game, or a card game. I forgot how much fun they can be.
    I want to thank you for the beautiful comment you left me about dreams and skunks turning into doves. You have a wonderful forgiving nature.

  2. We played a lot of pen-and-pencil games where I originally come from. Board games were more popular with those in chillier climates, it seemed to me. I lived in the subtropics. We had a lot of outdoor games, mainly mudpies, arranging chinaberries and shells, and things of that sort. It was an old-fashioned time and my father could declaim a lot of poems by heart, too. I wish our society valued simple things still.

  3. Hi, babe. Just seeing if I have trouble logging.

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