"Fable Town is quiet now."
Fables - an early issue.

I sat for two days in calm waters. No wind in my sail. No motor in my boat. The Languors!

It has been very busy at the store this week and when I get some time to sit down and write my cat wants on my lap, or I fall to sleep, or nearly so.

As I sit at my desk this morning there is a beautiful pale white blue sky streaked with fiery pink. The black silhouettes of naked trees sway in the wind like rehearsing ballerinas.

I love the gloaming times, between day and night. There is something healing and magical about it. A slow warming up to the day. A slowing down into night. It's like earth is taking a deep breath and letting it out on a long sigh of sheer contentment. What a pleasure.

We often see sunsets from our back deck, but sun rises are more rare for me. Not that I'm not awake, but I'm usually reading and not paying attention to what is going on out side.

So, I think I'll just sit here awhile.

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