"Relationships are more important to God than accomplishments! Your willingness to play by the rules doesn't matter to God as much as how much you love Him and others."

Some people might see this as a ridicules statement, and believe that there are many things that are of greater worth than relationships.

Lots of money, grand houses, fancy cars, extended vacations to exotic places.

We certainly see relationship suffer due to the value we place on these things. Children are often left with things, as parents go out the door, singing, "We did it all for you!" as they head off to another social event that requires their presences.

Most people will never say, they value things more than relationships, but action bare fruit, and what does it produce?

In families where relationships are of supreme worth, and all choices are based on that, mistakes don't matter because love will correct them.

In families where things are of supreme worth, love starves.

Under nourished relationships produces bitter fruit.

Thinking of my family, back to grandparents, down to my sons, my husband, and extending out to friends. I know I have been well loved. We have often lived on the edge of need, but family has always been front and center. I'm grateful to my mother who past this value along to me.

This sense of "We."

I recently watched the video on YOUTUBE "We Are The Ones song, created out of one of Obama's campaign speeches. It is all about the "WE" of relationship.

It is the way to a healthy nation. A changed paradigm for our time. All people's well being matters more than the high standing of the few who can amass great amounts of wealth for them selves alone.


They may swim in pools of money. But money wasn't meant for swimming pools. And until we learn what it is really meant for it will continue to isolate, shut down, and cripple us.

"We", here in America, are big with the"I". It is sort of a cultural center post for us, and has become so large we've lost sight of the "We", the we that used to be, or maybe never truly was, but should have been.

We have a new chance now, to start again and be more mindful of the supreme worth of relationships, of what it really means to be a community. Of what it takes to be a neighbor. Of what makes family.

Time spent together.

Invest in your portfolio of relationships. You will get huge dividends.


  1. I'm a total cynic but I'm glad lovely persons such as yourself exist! *smile* My dear, has anyone ever told you that you are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? I wish I could!

    At the end of the day, I'd rather have THINGS (not necessarily expensive things, but tons of books certainly). I'd rather have MEMORIES of fantastic vacations. I'd rather have large chunks of MONEY keeping me company. Why? These are MINE. These can't be taken away by others. People will let you down, and your heart will suffer. People die left and right!

    I like Ben Franklin's maxim: There are three faithful friends: An old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

    I'd add in "an old cat or two or four..."

    Hope your kitty continues well...

  2. I beleive it's a choice what shade you see the world through. My shade is Hope, Joy, Love and Peace.
    And in the long run, I think these are the only things we can keep. Everything else, anything else can and does get taken from people all the time. Just look at the people displaced by the violence of war, or the unpredictiblity of the storms of nature. The stock market.
    I had written a reply to you earlier today, but it erased. I couldn't even keep that and it was mine.
    Panga is doing better. So are we with the pill giving.
    I misspoke, it was an inflamed bladder, not kidney.
    Thanks for the tips.