"We are the flow, we are the ebb. We are the weaver; we are the web."
Shekinah Mountainwater

I'm having one of those quiet afternoons off, after all the errands of the day have been done and things put away. Some time for reading, and sitting and thinking.

Years ago I was really into Carl Jung's books and what others wrote about him and his books. One of the things that so impressed my sense of inner adventure and self discovery was were he would go when he wanted time away from the world.

He had a round tower, not very big, not many amenities, only a few floors and a fireplace a bed, and lookout. (which by the way, he built himself)

He would take walks in the woods nearby.

He had a favorite rock he would sit on sometimes, to think. He would slow his thoughts down, try to think like a stone. To still the mind.

I love these images. They are so restful, and invigorating at the same time.

Maybe the vigoration comes after the rest. Which ever, times off to ones self to think and be slow like a stone, or one with the earth, or part of the web, is so vital for balance in this world born under a crazy star.

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