May You Have a Frugal New Year

"Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without!"
Effie Carroll Cardwell

I don't know for sure where this saying really came from, but it was one of my Grandmother, Effie's, favorite sayings. When times were tough she would remind us of how people had to live on less and make do.

My Mother was in her teens when the Great Depression struck, and the effects it had on forming her frugal behavior was lasting. I would send her letters and I'd get the same envelope back turned inside out. We would always laugh, but really I very much admired my Mothers ability to live on so little, and be happy .

Her life, of necessity, had to be lived frugally, living on S.S. in her Sr. years, but even with that she was the most generous hearted person I've ever known.

Vivian Cummins went the extra mile!

For family, friends, and even perfect strangers. And the funny thing about that was, she always had what she needed. She live a deep and joyful life. Not that there weren't sorrows, but she had a quality of contentment that drew you in.

So, I ask myself, in this changing world, and when don't things change, how can I express just wants, and not exceed into greed for things. When is enough enough? But in the mind set of frugality, still remain open hearted and generious? There is so much in the world to want. I use to think alot about if I had to much of what I really don't need, does that mean someone else is going without the bare necessities? I've read in the scriptures, "There is enough and to spare, that no one should have to go hungry." and yet there are hungry people. (Certainly in America there are many of us who have more than we need. How many of us are making new years resolutions to lose that extra?)

In my used bookstore I have a big jar for donations to a local food pantry. Chaitable giving is down they say but this has remained pretty steady. I'm thankful I can be a small link in the chain of community here and now. And thank my customers who give as they can.

The times we are living in may call for personal or family frugality, but the call of the heart must be for generosity, warmth and welcome.

May the fruits of your labor come back to you a hundredfold.

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