"Imagination is everything."
Albert Einstein

I recently read Glory Rose and the Gloaming, by S.M. Brandsma. A fantasy adventure for young and 'older'. I would like to write young adult novels myself and have several on the back burner. I'm a good starter, have some good ideas, but let life derail my writing projects all to often. Then a new idea or character comes along and I'm off again following that new star of imagination.

Glory Rose was fun because it had a mix of traditional and new ideas. S.M. Brandsma used her 'imagination' to create something new and unexpected. I'm looking forward to the second book,"Glory Rose and the Book of Shadows".

Duncan and I recently watched a documentary on Star Trek. All the things that have been invented since Star Trek hit the cultural psyche and started mushrooming. I Dare say, Einstein was right, imagination IS everything.

One of my regular customers was in the store today and we got to talking about what the world would be like minus imagination? (I can't even imagine that).

"Without vision, the people perish."

We beat the path down to the dark ages, all the things that wouldn't have been invented or discovered, or created without it. Back farther, the stone age. We'd be there still, without a healthy dose of inquisitive imagination.

True! Some inventions or things discovered might better have been left in the ether. But as the artist would say, you have to throw a lot of pots before you get that one perfect piece of art. You have to write a lot of words before one good novel takes shape. You have to play that piano every day before a recital happens. Fill in the blank with what ever you love to imagine.

Imagine the best things you've ever wanted to do and go try them. Try them over and over. Make that one perfect song. Even if you're the only one who hears it. Store the beauty of it in your heart and live expecting possibilities.

Go! Imagine!

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