"Life is a riddle. The longer it gets, the shorter it is."
R.A. Riggs

I"ve been saying for years, "The older I get the faster time goes." Some days it just seems to speed down the track.

I don't understand this trick of time. This slight of Mother Natures hand.
You get out of bed in the morning to a beautiful day and before you know it, zip, zap, it's time to climb back under the covers.

You might say that sounds like the good fortune of an active, busy life.

You, would be right. The blessings of good health, more interests than I can pursue, in several life times, maybe one would do - if I were more ambitious. (Lassitude)
I have enough books in reserve to last a good thirty years. I'm not only a slow, deliberate thinker, but a slow reader too, I love savoring a good sentence. A good thought.

But, can you imagine?

If I read all those books on meditation and prayer, relationships and community life, personality and self discovery, crafts, novels, and how to write them, what kind of grand and wonderful person would I be?

There is flute music to dream into existence, and record, sewing projects, crafts of several types... and poetry yet unwritten.

To say nothing at all of the wonderful friends I have, and the time that stretches thin... Never enough.

If only I could find the secret formula in one of my books. Or sing it into the air by the voice of a flute, discover time in a bottle on some dusty old shelf in the basement.


More time would be nice.

Church this morning was a gift.
Working in my store when it was closed re potting a tree, quite and peaceful.
Talking to one of my sons, always good.
Spending the evening watching a documentary on real live dragons with my husband.
Its a beautiful full moon tonight.

Yes! More time would be nice, but I'll take a near perfect day and go to bed happy.

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