"Liberal in one's views; permitting free thought, especially in religious matters: very tolerant of the differing opinions of others."
Webster's Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary

Yesterdays theme at church was Believe. In the adult class we talked about some things that cause conflict in our world.

We agreed that the main things that cause conflict are Nationalism, Religion, or Greed.

At the root of every war, goes back to its seeds, look and you will find one of these; Nationalism, Religion, or Greed.

We always seem to think that what ever it is we are, or have, or think, is best, couldn't possibly be any better. Mine is so good and yours is so repulsive you deserve to die for it.

How dare you even think bad thoughts about my bad thoughts of you!

The toll in human misery because we can't seem to stand on the line the Golden Rule draws in the sand, and reach across and shake hands, live and let live. Giving honor and respect to all of Gods children. No matters who's tent they live under.

In class we talked about how for these past two thousand years the people with the best record for non-violence are the Buddhist. You don't hear them joining a war and killing people. They have walked in peaceful demonstrations and been killed, but I've not heard of one Buddhist shooting anyone.

None of their young people go home cracked and broken with war wounds of every kind.

Maybe understanding what they believe and how they practice their beliefs would help us become better Christians.

I am so sick of the killing, the fighting, the meanest, the thoughtlessness, the ego-centric self-centeredness in the world.

Aren't you?

I know it isn't simple, when two people get together things become complex, multiply that by thousands of people involved in group think and the complexity can go off the chart, because even in an ideological mind set of one kind or another, people are unpredictable.

I'm not naive, I know not everyone out there thinks of the good of all.
I know that often the people who rise in power, rise because they are the sociopthic froth that beats its way to the top, no matter who's head they have to smash to get there.

I know that appealing to their better nature is pointless. I believe the only way to change things is to take away their power, by not playing there games. Not going were they send us, not barricading ourselves behind walls of fear, right were they want us, frozen and controlable.

And not, not ever letting hate win.

Use anger to build something, or clean up something, or help someone.

Resist the urge to smash things or people, physically or emotionally, even when they hurt you. Just get away from them, don't give them the fuel you supply. You don't have to be their wood.

You deserve a happy life. We all do.

With mutual respect and a little common courtesy, and an inherent belief that all people are of great worth to God, yes, even the ones on the other side of what ever, we might even find the world is a brighter and a happier place.

We may not be able to stop a war today. But...maybe something we start today will stop one next year, or prevent it from even stating.

Maybe that crop we plant today will feed the starving next season.

Maybe the donation to that food pantry will help your neighbor.

Maybe the smile given to that stranger, will lift the spirits of tens.


Just Maybe.

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